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Andor season 2 is on its way, and while we don't have a specific release date yet, we do have some hints about the Star Wars show's return. The incredible Rogue One prequel has already wrapped filming on its second outing and it could be arriving on Disney Plus as early as this year. 

That's not all we know either. Creator Tony Gilroy has already been pretty open about what to expect from Andor season 2, including time skips and new characters. We've also got the reports from the first trailer, which we saw at Star Wars Celebration. Then we've got some exclusive updates from the cast, potential story beats (including Gilroy laying out how the show will end), news on the cast, and when a trailer could officially crop up. It's all here in our cheat sheet to Andor season 2...

Andor season 2 release date speculation


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Andor season 2 doesn't yet have a release date on Disney Plus.

However, we do know that the Star Wars movie wrapped filming on February 9, as star Diego Luna shared a post to mark the final day. Now, in terms of when it will release, there's been a bit of confusion based on the prequel initially being omitted from some Disney Plus schedules.

This doesn't mean that we won't see it this year. In fact Andor actor Stellan Skarsgård has hinted at a potential release date. "It will probably be out towards the end of the year or early next," he told GamesRadar+. The new season will also run for 12 episodes, meaning if it sticks to this, the show could air over Christmas and into the new year.

This is obviously quite a delay from season one, which aired way back in 2022. However, the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes will not have helped. They meant filming and work had to be paused on the show for many months.

Andor season 2 cast should feature some returning Rogue One faces


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There's a long list of names we expect to return for Andor season 2. Obviously, Diego Luna is back as Cassian Andor. We can't take things for granted given the upcoming time jumps – more on that below – but all of the main leads and secondary characters should will be back.

That includes Stellan Skarsgard as Luthen; Denise Gough as Dedra Meero; Kyle Soller as Syril Karn; Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma; Faye Marsay as Vel; Varada Sethu as Cinta, and Adria Arjona as Bix.

While some characters – such as Fiona Shaw's Maarva and Andy Serkis' Kino Loy – won't be back, there should be an extended focus on other peripheral characters. Brasso (Joplin Sibtain), Saw Gerrera (Forest Whittaker), Sergeant Mosk (Alex Ferns), and Perrin (Alastair Mackenzie) all fall under that category. The ISB will likely bulk up their ranks, too, and could see the return of the likes of Partagaz (Anton Lesser) and Supervisor Blevin (Ben Bailey Smith).

Given its close proximity to Rogue One, more characters from the Star Wars spin-off could appear in Andor season 2. The Alan Tudyk-voiced K2SO is likely to show up. Tony Gilroy told The Hollywood Reporter of the droid's absence in the first season: "When we [show K2SO], we'll do it in a spectacular fashion as opposed to presenting it and ignoring it, or presenting it or hiding it, or the bad versions we would have been forced to do." That sounds very much like confirmation to us.

Of course, there are other Rogue One characters – such as Ben Mendelsohn's Krennic – that would mesh well with the show's tone. No confirmation yet, but don’t be surprised if we get a cameo appearance or two.

Andor season 2 story: when is it set and what happens next?


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The first season of Andor ended with several of its major players at a crossroads. Andor has seemingly (and permanently) been taken under the wing of Luthen – all while the shadow of the Death Star hangs over the show. He's likely going to be the focal point of the rebellion, helping it build from a small group into the Death Star-destroying force we see by the time of A New Hope.

Mon Mothma, meanwhile, has joined forces with businessman Davo Sculdun. Their childrens' union will help keep the Empire from digging around Mothma's funds – and will enable Mon to move more money towards the fledgling rebellion effort. Given the time skip, she might have a more public-facing role in the rebellion. The Empire's grip on the galaxy will also be slightly looser after their rout on Ferrix.

Speaking of the Empire, the ISB's Dedra is one of the people most affected by the finale. After being attacked by the people of Ferrix, she's lost her confidence (and her terrifying glare). Might Syril be the one to help her regain her mojo as the rebellion grows and grows? For more on how the first season ended, check out our Andor episode 12 review.

Andor season 2 will also cover a four-year time span, from 4 BBY right up to the first scene of Rogue One in 0 BBY. Check out the Star Wars timeline for specifics on where it lands in relation to major events in the franchise.


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"We come back a year later. It'll be very different. The next four years [of story] are not about becoming a revolutionary. They're about learning to be a leader and how difficult it is to put the alliance together and what happens to people who are the original gangsters versus the establishment and a lot of different other issues," Gilroy said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

The creator has also teased the season 2 finale and its connection to the wider Star Wars universe. "Our last scene of the show, our 24th episode, will walk the audience directly into Rogue One and directly into the first scene of Rogue One," he told THR.

On top of that, the second season will effectively be divided into four parts. Each three-episode block will cover one year in Andor's life, up until the events of Rogue One.

"We're going to do three episodes and jump a year, and three episodes and jump – we're going to do four years in 12 episodes," Gilroy told us. So, expect more House of the Dragon-style discourse about whether the show is skipping around in time too much.

When can we expect an Andor season 2 trailer?


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The first Andor season 2 trailer showed behind closed doors at Star Wars Celebration. We're keeping tight-lipped on what we saw, but the footage is pretty intense as stormtroopers, civil unrest, and, of course, rebellion take center stage. There's no news yet on when it will be released to the public, but we'd hope to see some new footage in the next few months. 

For more on what's to come in a galaxy far, far away, check out our guide to upcoming Star Wars movies.

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