A long-dormant Star Wars series seems to finally be back on track – and Donald Glover is on board

Solo: A Star Wars Story
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Lando seems to finally be about to get his day in the sun. The long-dormant spin-off from Solo: A Star Wars Story was first announced back in 2020 by Disney with Haunted Mansion director Justin Simien at the helm, but since then it’s been crickets.

Earlier this year at Star Wars Celebration, LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy seemed to imply that it was still in the making. Then, Simien admitted that he hadn’t had an update on the show in years from his side. Well, now it seems that the show is finally moving, just not with Simien involved. 

Variety has confirmed that brothers Donald Glover – who of course played Lando in Solo – and Stephen Glover are writing the series. The deal was reportedly reached prior to the writers' strike, which began in May 2023. It also seemingly implies that Glover will be back as the character in the show, which is something that was previously only rumored.

While it’s definitely a loss that Simien is no longer attached to the project, especially after his charming adaptation of Haunted Mansion, we’ve got to admit it's gratifying that the show is finally on its way. The Glover brothers are well known for their skills behind the camera too, having worked together on Atlanta and Guava Island.

The pair will have quite a road ahead of them though, given the mixed reaction viewers had to Solo when it was first released. The Alden Ehrenreich-led movie followed a young Han Solo is ranked 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. Total Film was more positive about it though, giving it four stars and writing that it is "far better than we had any right to expect".

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