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Felicity Jones compares The Aeronauts to Rogue One: "They're not that different – instead of a balloon you have a spaceship"

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Felicity Jones has already been to a galaxy far, far away – now she's heading into the skies once more, but not quite reaching the stars. The actress plays the fictional balloonist Amelia Wren in The Aeronauts, co-starring Eddie Redmayne. Speaking with Inside Total Film, the new podcast from our sister publication, Jones compared her latest film to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, detailing how the two shared a surprising amount of similarities.

"It was great preparation," she said. "They're not that different. Just, instead of a balloon you have a spaceship. Sort of the same idea, trying to change the world. After doing Rogue One, I got such an appetite for doing a stunt-orientated film. And it's a really fun way of preparing a part, getting stuck into the physical side of it. Before, I was working with an aerialist-slash-acrobat. I was learning about trapeze, rope climbing. And preparing for that was very fun."

Jones also spoke about working with Redmayne again, having previously starred alongside the actor in The Theory of Everything. "By the end we all hated each other," she joked. "We were going into blue screen every day. You lose your sense of reality. You're in a circular room covered in blue carpet."

Listen to Inside Total Film here.

Also in the episode of Inside Total Film, the team talk about Doctor Sleep and interview Bill Condon, the director of The Good Liar. Inside Total Film is available through the following podcast providers: AudioboomApple PodcastsSpotifyCastbox, and Deezer. The Aeronauts is in UK cinemas now.

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