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Veronica Mars movie gets greenlighted

After years of appeals from its legions of fans, Veronica Mars has finally received the green light for a movie adaptation, although it has taken an unusual approach to raise funding.

Warner Bros is the rights-holding studio on the television series, which follows its titular heroine as she attempts to solve the murder of her best friend.

Series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell had an ingenius idea for funding, setting a $2m target on the fundraising site Kickstarter, a sum that was reached in just 10 hours.

The Wrap
is reporting that Warner has decided to give the project the green light, but the film’s production budget will come entirely from the money it has raised itself. No additional funding will arrive from the studio.

Just how production will take shape remains to be seen, as this is somewhat uncharted territory for a major studio to be involved with. However, fans everywhere will be celebrating a win for their favourite character.

George Wales
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