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Tweets Of The Week

Who’s battling Daleks? Who’s loving Eureka ? Who’s new in the SF Tweetvserse? This week’s round-up

“Excellent news,” Twittered Showbiz News man and Doctor Who ’s most enthusiastic news reporter, Lizo Mzimba, last week. “@steven_moffat the celebrated writer of Press Gang is now on Twitter. Must remember to ask him what he's being doing since!”

Yes, it really is the Mofferator, and has been confirmed by the Doctor Who production office. “Best thing about this job, I get to watch Doctor Who FIRST,” Moff ( ) Tweeted. “Ooh, look at that. And that. And blimey, THAT!!” This is going to be good...

In other Twitter news:

• Reece Shearsmith ( ) revealed he often Googles his own show: “I just googled Psychoville and read ‘I had high hopes for Psychoville and pretty much hated every second of it’. Must try harder”

• Mark Gatiss ( ) has been catching a lot of Living TV: “Watching Dating in the Dark and listening the sound of Nigel Kneale revolving in his grave. The Tittity-Bumpity Show imminent, I fear”

Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell ( ) reacted to the rumour that Sylvester McCoy, whose stint as Doctor Who has its fair share of haters, may be in line for the role of Bilbo Baggins: “I think Sylvester McCoy would
be a great choice to play The Hobbit. I hope it’s true. I’d enjoy seeing the annoyable annoyed at that”

• Wil Wheaton ( ) is clearly in love with his new TV favourite show: “Sheriff Andy on Eureka may just be the greatest sci-fi robot of all time. (Relax, Trekkies, Data was an Android)”;

• Bryan Fuller ( ) showed off his new mates: “I’m battling Daleks with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner!

• Neil Gaiman ( ) did the online writing test that’s doing the rounds now that works out which famous writer your prose resembles: “I cut and pasted a couple of chunks of Anansi Boys into Write Like . 1 was
Stephen King, the other was J R R Tolkien. How odd!”

• And finally Brian Bendis let slip a secret about Matthew Vaughn’s plans for his new movie: “due to a hickup in the census everyone in the United States will be cast in X-Men: First Class .”