The best MMORPGs to play right now on PC and console

Although they might be a little overshadowed by the big multiplayer titles out there - Fortnite Battle Royale we're looking at you - there are still some amazing, addictive and wonderfully crafted MMORPG experiences out there for you to get lost in. It's just a case of knowing where to look. But thankfully, we've got the map to the best MMORPGs out there whether you're playing on console, PC, or the best gaming laptop. We've rounded up the 30 best MMORPGs that you need to check out, so prepare yourself for a brand new adventure.

30. MU Legend

Available on: PC

The idea of taking the concept Blizzard so masterfully crafted with Diablo and delivering it as an MMO isn’t necessary a new one, but it is one that few games have managed to engineer. The sequel to MU Online, a successful and pioneering South Korean MMO, MU Legend delivers chaotic, intense hack-and-slash action with spectacular damage effects and exaggerated, fantastical heroes that will look immediately familiar to fans of Eastern MMOs. 

While MU Legend isn’t particularly daring and doesn’t aim to transform action RPGs, it does deliver extremely satisfying, flashy combat and a polished experience that’s easy to lose countless hours clicking your way through.

29. Riders of Icarus

Available on: PC

In a post-Pokémon Go world, the idea of a monster collecting MMO seems like a no-brainer, and yet it’s still territory that very few online RPGs have properly broached. Riders of Icarus takes the idea of collecting pocket monsters and gives it an interesting twist, making all the creatures you hoard into mounts that are central to character progression. 

Mounted combat is understandably a central mechanic, and while it can be difficult to master, especially while flying, it also provides some very satisfying and dramatic moments. And Riders of Icarus is flush with gorgeous, rare gear, and quests that often deviate in pleasant ways from the traditional “fetch 15 rat pelts” MMO mold.  

28. Albion Online

Available on: PC, Android, iOS

While the game is currently in its final beta, Albion Online deserves a spot on this list for its gorgeous, stylized visuals, exhilarating PvP, and fresh take on MMO crafting/professions. When you’re not battling other players for territory and prestige, or plumbing subterranean depths and battling demons in search of rare materials, Albion Online offers serene island retreats where players can farm crops and animals, or customize their own unique homes.

Though it’s still in its infancy, Albion Online is already a strong contender in a crowded market, and if continued development yields the same level of candy colored joy, it may well be a game we’re playing for years to come. 

27. Osiris: New Dawn

Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Okay, so at the moment Osiris: New Dawn is early access. It’s still in need of some tweaks - the combat isn’t quite as polished as it could be, and the amount of weapons you can get is distinctly low (limited to an energy pistol and a rifle currently). But - and this is a big one - the exploration, crafting, and atmosphere are unmissable. Caves filled with mysterious skeletons are waiting for you on the alien planet, but you’ll need to work through sandstorms and meteor showers to get to them.  

How do you get to them? Using the vehicles and space ships you can craft, of course! Proteus 2, a moon that acts as your starting area, is decidedly barren so you’ll be building your very own home sweet home in the form of a high-tech base. Resources are hiding in a ton of things: meteors that smash into the ground during storms; natural gas vents which you’ll be siphoning using barrels, and (of course) expect to mine nodes from metal outcrops. It’s still being worked on by the devs, and judging by the early-access reviews on Steam it’s already come on in leaps and bounds - so Osiris: New Dawn is certainly one to keep an eye on. 

26. Allods Online

Available on: PC

The one-sentence pitch for Allods Online is immediately fascinating: a fantasy MMO where players can pilot giant custom astral ships across the universe, exploring floating islands and battling other players space-faring vessels. The ships, which can be crewed by multiple players simultaneously, feature different stations that govern their functions - like navigation or gunnery - which can be upgraded or modified in a variety of ways. 

Though reaching the astral phase takes some time, the basic questing and dungeon delving are entertaining enough to keep players hooked, and the visuals are easy on the eyes. Allods also tosses in some large-scale, frenetic PvP combat and a robust guild system to add some long-term appeal to what’s already an engaging formula. The latest expansion, Immortals, adds new Allods, the eponymous islands floating in the astral, and several new factions called Orders to which players can pledge their allegiance.   

25. Defiance

Available on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

The fact that Defiance is any good is practically miraculous. Developing an MMO shooter based on a SyFy original television series sounds like a recipe for disaster, but somehow Trion Worlds was able to deliver an excellent game with a lot of cool hooks. It helps that the world of Defiance is an interesting one, the result of a curious set of circumstances. Earth has been rendered almost unrecognizable by the accidental deployment of alien terraforming technology, and a long war with the aliens responsible has left both sides on the brink of collapse. Factions have splintered off and in many cases aliens and humans have banded together in the desperate struggle for survival. 

While SyFy axed the television show back in 2015, the MMO lives on, continuing to succeed on the strength of its combat mechanics, satisfying character progression, and the its absolutely massive armory of weapons and gear. It’s the first MMO weve played that makes shooting guns in PvE feel viable and fun, and it now also includes some surprisingly effective melee weapons.

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24. WildStar

Available on: PC

For an MMO that launched in 2014, WildStar sure adopts some pretty archaic systems. Hardcore raid attunement? Check. Gated daily quest chains that make rep grinding a pain in the ass? Super check. Ultra grindy quest system? Afraid so. Thing is, you won't mind very much because its action-oriented combat system is so damn fun. Use an ability, and a telegraph reticule appears on the ground.

So long as the thing you're trying to kill remains in that telegraphed area, you'll hit it. This puts a huge emphasis on active dodging and smart skill use, meaning fights never get dull. Plus, every class in the game is incredibly versatile, as all of them can fulfil at least two of the three roles in the holy trinity of DPS, tanks, and healers. While the game has run into financial woes of late, cancelling a planned expansion into China and laying off a large part of its development team, it’s still alive and kicking in North America and Europe. Play it while you can.

23. Black Desert Online

 Available on: PC, Xbox One (forthcoming)

A Korean MMO that launched in the US behind a lot of fanfare, Black Desert Online was able to mostly deliver on the hype with its snappy action combat and interesting property management elements. Alongside the standard leveling and questing, BDO offers players and guilds the opportunity to become medieval slum lords, buying up buildings and setting their function as residences or crafting repositories, or even taking wholesale control of entire cities. 

While some of these mechanics were a bit clumsy or unavailable at launch, BDO is a game that’s taken full advantage of the long lifespan of most MMOs and has continually improved over time. And Microsoft’s reveal at E3 this year that Black Desert will be making an appearance on Xbox One as a console exclusive means more players will be able to get their hands on this sleeper gem.

22. Revelation Online

Available on: PC

Speaking of incredibly pretty looking Eastern MMOs, Revelation Online proves that beauty and substance aren’t mutually exclusive. This Chinese offering that recently made its way west has incredible depth in terms of character creation and development, and a vast, intriguing open world to plumb for loot and secrets.

Revelation Online is also one of a current bumper crop of games that provides the option to choose traditional, tab-targeting style MMO combat or more dynamic action combat. It even offers a third option that’s an intriguing (if somewhat clumsy) blend of both. And with the option to respec your character for free at any point, it’s an easy game to commit some time to without feeling shackled by your choices.

21. Secret Worlds Legends

Available on: PC

Another recent convert to the free to play model, Secret World Legends is a game defined in large part by its setting, which reads like every conspiracy theory crackpots dream come true (or their worst nightmare realized). Secret societies, mythological creatures, and evil cults define a world shrouded by mystery and bursting with supernatural horrors. Propping up the setting and story is some killer sound design, which successfully ratchets up tension and gives the game’s events a sense of sweeping drama.

In fact, one of Secret World Legend’s strongest features is its dedication to storytelling. Instead of the standard MMO trope of letting players queue up a practically unlimited number of quests--which leads to lots of mindless fetching and slaying without any sense of overarching purpose--The Secret World focuses on a tight handful of quests at a time, all with clearly defined objectives. This narrow focus helps emphasize narrative and points a spotlight at the games writing and atmosphere, which is of a fairly uniform high quality.

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