The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition guide

It may be 7 years since its original release, but Elder Scrolls 6 is currently just a distant speck on the horizon and Skyrim is still proving to be a treasure trove of quests, openworld glory, and more dragons than you can shake the Mace of Malog Bal at. Now that it's out both as Skyrim Special Edition and Skyrim Nintendo Switch there's no excuse not to dive into one of the best RPG games around in Tamriel's tale of dragon souls and various Daedric princes trying to interfere with mortals' lives, all with the constant threat of civil war hanging over your head. Ok, so phrasing it like that might make Skyrim sound like it's as complicated as Game of Thrones, so to help out we've assembled this guide to walk you through everything you need to know. From building your first (or second, or 467th) character to learning which perks are worth your time, you'll find it all right here. 

Even the Daedric prince of knowledge Hermaeus Mora would find it tricky to retain all the information there is about getting started in Skyrim, so we've gathered everything together to help mortals and gods alike. Bear in mind that this guide is made for people who won't have played Skyrim before, so we've made it as easy to understand as possible as the sight of so many skill trees and races can be somewhat overwhelming. Plus, if you want to go deeper into the various systems at work in Bethesda's mammoth openworld title, we've included links to our other guides below. You're welcome.

Table of Contents:

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