Skyrim Daedric Quest guide

Skyrim Daedric Quest guide

If you're planning on collecting the rewards that Daedric Princes give out to their loyal followers, then having a Skyrim Daedric Quest guide to hand will help guide you on the dark path. These powerful items are known as Daedric Artifacts in Skyrim (opens in new tab),  and they are unique items that can either be weapons or various other useful tools. If you want them then be ready to go to some dark places, as the tasks you'll have to perform while following this Skyrim Daedric Quest guide are squarely sat on the evil side of morality, so if you’re roleplaying as a pious mage then these quests won’t exactly be your cup of skooma.

Just to let you know, Nocturnal’s quest isn’t listed here as it’s tied up in the Thieves’ Guild questline. However, the item you get from her quest does count as a Daedric Artifact for the achievement/trophy, so you’re going to want to get stealin’ if you need to tick that off your list. 

Also, Hermaeus Mora's quests can only be found in the Dragonborn DLC, so have a look at our Skyrim Black Books (opens in new tab) guide if you want to hunt down all those tentacle-y portals to his realm of Apocrypha. 

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Table of Contents:

Clavicus Vile

Hermaeus Mora

Mehrunes Dagon

Molag Bol


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