The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition Daedric Quest guide

The numerous Daedric Lords are a large part of the mythology of The Elder Scrolls games as well as having a noticeable presence in every game in the series, including Skyrim Special Edition. But whether their presence has been felt in the main storyline or not, their quests are some of the most interesting and varied in the game. They also carry some of the greatest rewards as well. The Daedric Artifacts are some of the most powerful unique items in the Elder Scrolls universe and having a few of them - especially if you've just started playing Skyrim Nintendo Switch - can make your life remarkably easier thanks to that power.

Not every one of these artifacts is suitable for every player, and honestly some of the quests might put you off ever even completing them. These actions range from the forthright and honorable, like clearing a dungeon of undead or killing an oathbreaker, to the downright disgusting. Cannibalism anyone?

But any quests that you are willing to complete will reward you with a powerful tool that may aid either you, or one of your followers, on the path to stopping Alduin. Sometimes dark pacts may be the only way to save the world so what exactly are you willing to do to gain that power? Well if you’re willing to take that step then we list the various quests, artifacts and judge the rewards for you here. Enjoy!

Take note that while Nocturnal is indeed one of the Daedric Princes s/he isn’t covered here as his/her quests are entirely wrapped up within the Thieves Guild quests. As such that quest line is outside of the scope of this guide and will thus not be covered here. The item you get in those quests, the Skeleton Key, counts as a Daedric Artifact for the Achievement/Trophy though.

Table of Contents:

Clavicus Vile
Hermaeus Mora
Mehrunes Dagon
Molag Bol

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