EVE Online battle breaks two Guinness World Records

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Seventeen years after its release, EVE Online made gaming history for breaking two different world records.

On October 6, players from around the world united to break the titles, which included the largest multiplayer PvP battle and most concurrent participants in a multiplayer video game PvP battle. The battle, known as the Fury at FWST-8, had 8,825 players participating, with 6,557 people playing concurrently at the battle's peak.

The event was officially recognized for its achievement by Guinness World Records. The battle involved a coalition of PAPI trying to establish a beachhead Keepstar to get into the Imperium's territory. The Imperium fought back for a total of fourteen hours. Nearly seven thousand ships were destroyed in the process, and the battle's total cost amounted to 1.443 trillion ISK. 

Having been around for nearly 20 years, EVE Online is no stranger to making unique achievements in the gaming world. The battle known as The Bloodbath of B-R5RB lasted 21 hours and is recognized for being one of the biggest and most costly battles in all of gaming. The game has also been displayed in the Museum of Modern Art to note all of the historical achievements that have been made.

Just last year, Guinness marked the first person in EVE to explore all reachable systems in the game without a single combat loss. This is no small achievement, as New Eden has 7,805 reachable solar systems. 

The massive MMORPG is still going strong seventeen years down the line, giving us plenty of opportunities to see more records broken.

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