Eve Online's first major crossover stars Doctor Who and the Daleks

Eve Online is getting a big Doctor Who crossover event starting Thursday, January 13, bringing ancient artifacts and the ever-combative Daleks to its sprawling universe. 

Eve Online developer CCP Games and Doctor Who producer BBC Studios announced the crossover event in a joint press release. The aptly titled Interstellar Convergence event will begin on January 13 and run through February 1, and like the rest of Eve Online, it will be available for free to all players. 

The event's reveal trailer is light on details – heck, it's light on everything other than space debris – but the gist of the event is that players will enter a "new, Gallifrey-themed space" in search of artifacts from Doctor Who's Great Time War. These artifacts will then point Eve pilots in the direction of Doctor Who's iconic Daleks, which have apparently invaded and which players can fight for "unique rewards that they can take back New Eden." The event will also dish out more loot through a skill point login campaign and a few Doctor Who-themed items. 

"Collaborating with BBC Studios gives us the opportunity to pay homage to an iconic series that has inspired us at CCP," says Eve Online creative director Bergur Finnbogason. 

"The Interstellar Convergence has been designed from the ground up to offer experienced EVE players plenty of fresh and captivating gameplay , while remaining welcoming to new pilots – including Doctor Who fans who are new to EVE Online," CCP games said in a blog post.

Auditions for Doctor Who's next Doctor have just started according to showrunner Russell Davies.

Austin Wood

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