Guild Wars 2 bug turns one character race into the longcat meme - and fans can’t get enough of it

Guild Wars 2
(Image credit: ArenaNet, Reddit / u/AmalgamatedEctoplasm)

A recent Guild Wars 2 update has accidentally created a new bug that turns one of the character races in the game into extremely long-bodied cats, and players can’t get enough of it. 

Originally brought to our attention by Guild Wars 2 player and Twitter user @Coruscating, it looks like the bug only affects players who choose to play as the Charr and potentially only when equipping new armor or equipment. 

To make things even funnier, the official Guild Wars 2 Twitter account joined in on the fun replying to @Coruscating with "too late, we're very afraid" in response to one of the screenshots featured in the original tweet where a group of longcat Charrs are gathered and one says "don’t be afraid." 

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Of course, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by other Guild Wars 2 players either, a quick scan of the game’s dedicated subreddit reveals that everyone is loving the longcat bug and showing appreciation for the unexpected character alteration in the form of memes. Our personal favorite is the majestic-looking screenshot shared by AmalgamatedEctoplasm on Reddit, which you can see below. 

guild_wars_2s_true_ending from r/Guildwars2

Several people also took to Twitter to ask developer ArenaNet to "please make this as a tonic" and to "please never fix this."

If you’re wondering what else has come from yesterday’s Guild Wars 2 update, longcats aside, here is a brief overview of the latest update’s patch notes - which you can read in full on the Guild Wars 2 Forum. In a post revealing the update, ArenaNet staff announced the return of the Super Adventure Festival - which has already kicked off - as well as other bug fixes, general modifications to the game, and "world polishes."

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