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Princess Gangster gets writer

Louis Mellis, scriptwriter of Sexy Beast and this year’s 44 Inch Chest , has been signed by Smuggle Films to write The Princess’ Gangster .

The story of gangster-movie-star John Bindon, the flick will detail Bindon’s affair with Princess Margaret back in the 1960s. Yes, that really happened.

Smuggler Films executive Patrick Milling Smith said this about hiring Mellis:

“We needed someone who could give us an authentic voice, because Bindon, who could break your legs but who was also a mini-celebrity, was a force of nature.

“He was a real raconteur and full-on entertainer. There aren't many people who can inhabit characters like that and make then amusing, but Louis definitely can.”

Jacques Audiard, director of A Prophet , is also rumoured to be attached to the project, though he may be taking on a sequel to Prophet first.

Expect more when we get it.

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