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Machinist scribe re-writes Vlad

Not content with owning, like, the coolest vampire film franchise in town (yeah, um, Twilight ) Summit Entertainment are planning to expand their monopoly on the fanged menaces with Vlad .

Actor Charlie Hunnam of Sons Of Anarchy fame has already submitted his version of a Vlad script (yes, in Hollywood these days there are no final drafts, just versions), which traces Dracula’s days back to when he was young prince Vlad the Impaler.

But The Machinist writer Scott Kosar has been asked to take a pass at the action-stuffed screenplay, no doubt to bring a little gravitas and a writer’s eye to the concept.

The flick’s director, music video helmer Anthony Mandler, will be overlooking Kosar’s work as prepping on the film - which is being produced by Brad Pitt - commences. Kosar also wrote the scripts for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Amityville Horror remakes.

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