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Learn movie SFX at Raindance!

Want to make your own movie, but worried you can’t pull off the tricky special effects? Look no further - Raindance are here to help.

The annual movie festival, which celebrates the very best in independent film, is offering a new evening course for fledgling moviemakers to help them get to grips with the gooey, gorey and the gross side of filmmaking.

Taking place on 31 March, the Introduction To Special Effects course will give attendees a tutorial in how to get the most out of a cash-strapped budget when it comes to SFX.

Fake blood and severed limbs need no longer be the thing of Hollywood budgets – Raindance promise to give you some handy inside hints that won’t put a crater in your budget.

So if you fancy yourself as the next Robert Rodriguez, Sam Raimi or even Rob Bottin, head over to the official Raindance website to find out more.