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Karate Kid trailer goes live

Yep, wee Jaden Smith is following in the action flick footsteps of dear old dad (aka Big Willie), and he has a lot to prove with this remake of the much-loved Karate Kid .

Now, the first trailer for the franchise reboot has turned up online.

We were ready to hate it. We sort of maybe don’t. Transporting the original’s “lost boy finds himself through martial arts” tale to China, it puts a thoroughly modern spin on the cult classic.

Set to a new, modern hip-hop beat, this very modern re-telling expands Karate Kid ’s horizons and even modernises the final contest smack down to echo modern preoccupations with, well, contests. Did we mention it’s really, really modern?

All in, this new Karate Kid looks less Billy Elliot , more Save the Last Dance with fighting. Which we can live with. Especially as Jackie Chan stepping in for Pat Morita is freakin’ ace.

Don't know the plotline? Living under a rock during the '80s, were we? Well, watch the trailer below to find out more...

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