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Greengrass signs for Fantastic Voyage 3D

James Cameron’s Fantastic Voyage 3D remake has bagged itself a director in the form of Paul Greengrass.

The director of Bournes Supremacy and Ultimatum has signed on to the adventure-fantasy, which is a redo of the original 1966 sci-fi.

Scripted by Alien Vs Predator: Requiem ’s Shane Salerno, Cameron announced the project in December, which he described as an “event film set in the future”.

Like Avatar , it will be a film driven by special effects, with a promise of outrageous adventure.

The project will, naturally, use the same technology developed for Avatar to bring the 3D to life.

The Hollywood Reporter suggest that the story will remain true to the original flick, which pivotted around a dying scientist whose five colleagues are shrunk and injected into his bloodstream in an attempt to save him.

Fantastic Voyage will be quite a departure for Greengrass, whose film roots are in much grittier fare. But we’ll take him over Roland Emmerich – originally assigned to direct– any day, and can’t wait to see what he does with the material.

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