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Friday The 13th reboot planned for 2015

The corpse of the Friday The 13th franchise just sat bolt upright, with Paramount announcing plans to launch a reboot in March 2015.

Despite the series hitting the reset button not four years previously, Jason will apparently ride again, having made his way over to a new studio.

Friday The 13th was the bargaining chip involved in a swap deal with Warner Bros., with Paramount gaining the rights to the venerable slasher in exchange for Christopher Nolan’s next film, Interstellar .

The thinking behind that move was presumably the money-spinning potential of a lucrative horror franchise, which can often be put together on a limited budget to mass box-office appeal…

It had been hinted at earlier this year that Paramount might employ the current vogue for found footage stories, although nothing has been confirmed at this point bar a release date.

Friday The 13th
will join the struggle for cinemagoers' cash in 2015, with the film set to hit US screens on 13 March. Jason lives again…