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Exclusive Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol video interviews


You can watch exclusive video interviews with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton and director Brad Bird above.

The latest Mission sees Ethan Hunt and the IMF crew disavowed, and forced to go rogue to clear their names and foil the dastardly schemes of a Swedish megalomaniac.

Of his risk-inclined leading man, Tom Cruise, Bird said: “Everybody kind of warned me, including J.J. [ Abrams ], Tom is going to do these stunts and you better just avert your eyes.”

Pegg, the joker of the group who nabs the film’s best lines, summed up the film’s appeal: “These missions have to be seemingly impossible, and every single one of them is.”

Paula Patton, making her first Mission appearance as tough cookie agent Jane, talked about her scrap with Léa Seydoux (“We wanted the fight to be as ferocious as possible”) while Renner gives you several reasons to add M:I 4 to your Christmas list: “Expect a wonderful ride: fast-paced, big action… good sense of humour, some good drama… I think it’s two hours you won’t forget this Christmas.”

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens on 26 December 2011.

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