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After.Life trailer premieres online

Remember when Christina Ricci used to make really cool, quirky films instead of cashing in on things like Speed Racer and Cursed ?

She was pretty great, huh? Well, the big-eyed oddball could be making a comeback to all things dark and dangerous with After.Life .

The trailer for the flick has just been released, check it out below.

Ricci plays Anna, who wakes up in a funeral home where Eliot Deacon (Liam Neeson) is preparing her body for her funeral.

See, Anna’s just had a really bad car accident, and everybody thinks she’s dead. Except she isn’t. Sort of. As Eliot attempts to convince her she’s no longer one of the living, Anna tries to free herself from the funeral home.

But Eliot’s having none of it, and refuses to let her go. Meanwhile, Anna’s boyfriend Paul (Justin Long) is growing suspicious of the sinister funeral director, and begins to investigate...

Described as a provocative psychological thriller, After.Life looks every bit as weird and wonderful as we had hoped it might be. We’ve missed Ricci on the kook circuit, and this certainly promises us some bonkers for our bucks.

Will it deliver? No UK release date yet, but After.Life hits US screens on 9 April.

Itchy for some Ricci?