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Walken, Rockwell and Rourke join Farrell in Seven Psychopaths

Straight from the Cannes film festival comes not one, not two, but three new casting announcements as Christopher (the legend) Walken, Sam Rockwell, and Mickey Rourke join Colin Farrell in Martin McDonagh’s dark comedy Seven Psychopaths .

The story revolves around a hapless screenwriter (Farrell) stuck with writer's block, who becomes wrapped up in the dog kidnapping money-making schemes of two oddball friends (played by Rockwell and Walken).

When the terrible twosome kidnap a canine owned by a ruthless gangster (Rourke), hilarity ensues as the trio find themselves in very hot water.

Director/writer McDonagh has been attached to the film since 2008. Seven Psychopaths reunites him with In Bruges leading man Farrell and producers Graham Broadbent, Pete Czemin and Tessa Ross.

Producing the film is Megan Ellison, straight off the success of 2010’s remake True Grit .

Bearing in mind the title, more cast members are expected. However with such a juicy cast already, this deadpan comedy is one to look out for.