True Grit gallops into first place

true grit

After two weeks of losing out to Little Fockers, True Grit has finally manned up and prised the box office top spot out of Ben Stiller's cold, dead hands.

Bringing its total earnings to an impressive $110m, the well-received Western, starring Jeff Bridges, took a further $15m this weekend. We expect the Coen brothers are very pleased.

Little Fockers held strong, though, shunted to second place ($13.8m), while Nic Cage’s newest badly-reviewed effort Season Of The Witch opened in third ($10.7m).

Tron: Legacy enjoyed a fourth week in the top five in fourth ($9.8m), though it’s still yet to recoup its $170m budget domestically. Finally, Black Swan lurched from ninth to fifth with $8.4m.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Country Strong had a sudden surge in interest, as the film’s third week of release saw it jump all the way from 43rd place to sixth ($7.3m), while The Fighter battled it out in seventh ($7m).

Oscar favourite The King’s Speech rose from tenth to eighth ($6.8m), Yogi Bear plummeted to ninth ($6.8m, clearly the kiddies are back at school) and Tangled closed out the top ten with $5.2m.

Next week, controversy-courting comedy The Dilemma , starring Vince Vaughn and Winona Ryder, opens. Does anybody still care?

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