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Tony Scott to direct Nemesis adap



Tony Scott has signed on to direct an adaptation of Mark Millar’s anti-superhero comic Nemesis .

20th Century Fox have bought the movie rights to the series, which focuses on the titular Nemesis, the most powerful superhero in the world who also happens to be working for evil.

Previously, Sam Raimi was up for the directing gig, but Scott's the man who signed the dotted line.

Millar feels like the cat what got the cream, according to comments on his website’s forum:

“The man who shot Maverick in Top Gun , Bruce in the Last Boy Scout , yelled action for Will Smith in Enemy of the State , directed Denzel in Man on Fire (one of the finest revenge movies ever made), had Tarantino rework Hackman’s dialogue in Crimson Tide and gave me Deneuve’s naughtiest performance in The Hunger is directing our movie.

“Oh, AND he did True Romance , for my money the best of all the Tarantino flicks. Tony Scott: I can’t even pretend to be cool about this.”

Scott is also currently attached to direct Shia LaBeouf in The Associate (adapted from John Grisham’s novel), and Mickey Rourke in Potsdamer Platz and Hell’s Angels .

Nemesis fan? Is Scott the man for the job?