The Weinsteins know Alex And The Ironic Gentleman

Film companies don’t buy books like we do. Ever on the hunt for new material to feed into the massive factories that pump out the movies, they like nothing more than grabbing a hot new book even before it hits the shelves.

Still, The Weinstein Company must be going for some sort of record. Because it has nabbed not only the rights to publish and then adapt the first two books in Adrienne Kress’ new children’s adventure series, but they’re doing so a year before the first tome has arrived in shops and the second one doesn’t even have a title or a solid release date yet.

The story is Alex And The Ironic Gentleman, which has a 10-year-old orphan (because you can’t be a hero if you still have parents) trying to free her teacher from the clutches of pirates, which leads to a trip aboard the Ironic Gentleman, the floating home of her evil buccaneer enemies.

But if it sounds like something you’d watch, hold your horses. There’s no director, script or cast in place yet so we could be waiting for a while…

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