Shepard gets into a Panic

Fresh from the buzz of being the director who squeezed the Bond out of Pierce Brosnan, Richard Shepard has scribbled on the dotted line to shoot Panic, a novel by author Jeff Abbott.

Shepard will re-team with The Weinstein Company for the tale that follows a documentary filmmaker who finds out his murdered mother and missing father were spies. After doing a little digging, the helmer discovers that even his girlfriend could be part of an elaborate conspiracy that threatens to end his life.

“We have a very stylish 1970s-type paranoid action thriller on our hands,” the helmer said. “It's exactly the type of studio movie I want to be doing aside from my own material: something that's smart and visually inventive.”

Shepard’s ‘own material’ is Spring Break In Bosnia - the movie that follows two journalists who go back to the war torn land five years after the conflict ended.