Scott Speedman taking The Vow

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum could be joined by Scott Speedman in romantic drama The Vow .

Speedman, whose last big project was starring alongside Liv Tyler in The Strangers (and whose other credits include Underworld and Underworld: Evolution ), is currently still in negotiations for the role, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

The Vow follows McAdams' Paige, who is involved in a car accident with her husband Leo (Tatum). Nursed back to health, Paige awakens with no memory of their marriage.

Confused, she runs back to her ex-fiance, who could be played by Speedman. But can Leo win her back? It's all based on a real-life happening, apparently.

Directed by Michael Sucsy, who won an Emmy for his outstanding TV movie debut Grey Gardens, The Vow is his big screen bow. Considering the greatness of Gardens , The Vow could definitely be one to watch - even if it will have 'based on a true story' in the opening credits.

Think McAdams is pigeon-holing herself? Or looking forward to Vow ? Talk to us below...

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