Ryan Gosling signs on for Logans Run remake

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling may have been robbed of an Oscar nod at this year’s Academy Awards (for Blue Valentine ), but he’s still one of the coolest actors around.

Need proof? Well, he’s just signed on to star in the WB’s remake of sci-fi Logan’s Run.

Gosling will work with his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn on the project – seems the WB are suitably impressed with the pair’s upcoming action movie that they’re happing handing over the keys to a big tentpole film.

The original Logan’s Run , based on William F. Nolan’s novel, was released in 1976 and starred Michael York and Jenny Agutter.

Plotwise, it’s set in a perfect future world where there’s one glaring downside: life ends at 30, no matter what.

Though Hollywood is the only place in the world that doesn't seem to be suffering from remake fatique, the pairing of Gosling with Refn should guarantee that the new Logan's Run has its own unique, indified vibe.

Drive , which follows a Hollywood stuntman who’s targeted after a heist gone wrong, opens later this year.

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