Robert Schwentke to direct Entering Hades

Director Robert Schwentke has agreed to direct the adaptation of John Leake’s true-life book Entering Hades for Warners.

Leake’s tome – which was published last year- chronicles journalist Jack Unterweger, who led a strange double life in which he strangled prostitutes in Vienna and Los Angeles while covering his crimes for newspapers in the ‘90s. Twisted much?

He was eventually nabbed and sentenced to life, but chose to hang himself, reports Variety .

“The power of celebrity”

"Robert, Richard (Saperstein) and I want to do a movie that is more than a dark serial killer story," producer Bob Cooper says. "This is about the power of celebrity, and what happens when this sociopath goes to Los Angeles, a city that is the prototype for reinvention."

Journalists living murderous double lives? We’re sure no one here in the office has ever done that. Right? Guys? Help!

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