Reese Witherspoon goes missing from Bunny Lake

Whoops. Looks like Joe Carnahan’s luck isn’t exactly improving. While OTT thriller Smokin’ Aces hasn’t exactly set the box office alight, he’s facing a much bigger problem on his latest movie: star Reese Witherspoon has walked from Bunny Lake Is Missing.

It’s even more confusing as she was also the producer, though we wonder whether she suddenly decided she didn’t like herself and got herself fired.

Still, it’s a tough break for Carnahan, who had been planning to start calling the shots in just five weeks, and he’s now forced to start a frustrating search for a new lead. He’s aiming to stick to his original start date, but it’s looking likely that he’ll have to delay it.

And he really doesn’t need the time clash: after Bunny Lake, he’d planned to film White Jazz during a convenient break within George Clooney’s packed schedule.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Carnahan and someone in his office needs to keep him away from ladders, black cats and mirrors…