Rebacca Hall set for an Awakening

Rebecca Hall, fresh from a starring role in television drama Red Riding , will be joining Dominic West and Imelda Staunton for The Awakening.

Nick Murthy, best known for directing episodes of Primeval and Occupation will be behind the camera for this most English of thrillers.

Set in World War I England, Hall plays a scientist investigating strange happenings in a boarding school when a series of bizzare supernatural encounters cause her to question her own beliefs and her own mind... spooky stuff.

Producer Dave Thompson of Origin Films did his usual producer gushing when speaking about the project;

"This is a riveting and very original script and we are thrilled that it is to be directed by Nick Murphy as his first feature."

But hang on a second... is this giving you that deja vu feeling?

Set your mind back to 2007, when we saw John Cusack in 1408 , playing a supernatural skeptic investigating strange goings on a hotel room, who is then tormented by ghostly encounters that drive him to insanity. Oh well, probably just a coincidence.

Maybe next we can see Hall star in an English remake of High Fidelity? Leave a comment!

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