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Pirates 4 walking the plank in 3D

Pirates 4 will be entering the funny goggle zone, no doubt to try and carve a slice of the Avatar pie.

It may come as no surprise, with recent hits Alice In Wonderland, Clash Of The Titans and How To Train Your Dragon all making a mint, and many more upcoming films following suit - including a rumoured third dimension for Bond 23...

Even if this isn't exactly thrilling news, at least the decision has been made prior to filming so director Rob Marshall can incorporate the necessary technology into his shoot, rather than have another lacklustre post-production 3D conversion hackjob we saw on Titans .

Pirates 4

Plot-wise, Johnny Depp returns as the eyeliner-loving Captain Jack Sparrow as he searches for the mythical fountain of youth while coming up against Ian McShane’s legendary Blackbeard (how’s that for casting?) and maybe – just maybe – trading quips with the as-yet-unconfirmed Mick Jagger.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be release on May 20th 2011.

Looking forward to 3D Jack Sparrow? Let us know!