Paul Schrader Writing Bollywood Action Epic

Taxi Driver writer and Auto Focus director Paul Schrader is leaving for Mumbai to write Bollywood action film Extreme City.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Schrader is finally so sick of Hollywood that he’s decided to take his writing talents elsewhere.

"I've been getting indie movies made for 20 years," he says. "But I take a good look around and what I see is a barren, barren place - in terms of the financial community, in terms of audiences, in terms of distribution. It's cold out there." Ouch.

Cross-cultural tale

City will encompass a cross-cultural story that will find an American man travelling to India to help his father-in-law deal with a kidnapping case, only to fall afoul of a gangster’s plot.

And while he seems delighted to be branching out, Schrader was quick to stress (and likely annoy some of his new host country’s directors) that the film won’t be a “Masala” movie that blends genres to ridiculous effect.

But yes, there will be singing in both English and Hindi. Top that, Scorsese!

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