New posters for Wrath Of The Titans

A glut of new posters have been released for Wrath Of The Titans , and they do a pretty decent job of capturing the scope and size of the action-packed sequel.

The new one-sheets show Sam Worthington preparing for battle with the sword-waving Makhai, and launching himself at fiery Titan, Kronos.

Sadly, Worthington’s new mullet doesn’t get much of a look in, but we’ll have plenty of time to feast our eyes on its luxurious curls when the finished film arrives.

A pair of new banners have also been released, one showing Worthington’s human co-stars, and the other grouping together the fearsome Titans he’ll be going up against.

It all looks rather epic, and our hopes are high that this one will be a far more spectacular affair than its disappointing predecessor. Wrath Of The Titans will open in the UK on 30 March 2012.

George Wales

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