Mouse buys a new house

Having danced a merry dance for days, executives at Disney and Pixar have finally announced that yes, they are indeed getting married.

Costing a cool $7.4 billion, the deal sees Disney and Pixar’s animation departments merge, though – pause for sigh of relief – Pixar will maintain their Emeryville, San Francisco location and continue to enjoy creative freedom.

"Pixar's culture of collaboration and innovation has its roots in Disney Animation. Our story and production processes are derivatives of the Walt Disney 'school' of animated filmmaking," blabbed Pixar President Ed Catmull, who has become President of the new Disney And Pixar Animation Studios. "Just like the Disney classics, Pixar's films are made for family audiences the world over and, most importantly, for the child in everyone. We can think of nothing better for us than to continue to make great movies with Disney." He was heard to add, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to roll in money.”

What does the future mean for Pixar? If we’re lucky, the fact that Pixar business brain Steve Jobs is now on the board of Disney means that they’ll truly be left alone. We’ll just have to wait and see…