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Michel Gondry talks Thorn In My Heart

Michel Gondry’s new documentary, The Thorn In My Heart, sheds light on his own family as he follows his aunt Suzette as she comes to terms with her relationship with her gay son.

But it also gives fans an insight into Gondry’s internal life and where his own brand of quirky genius was born.

“You can see in the landscapes of the place of where my aunty has lived all her life, you can see my inspiration,” Gondry told Total Film. “So people who like my videos and my work can see where it came from.”

The film was also a cathartic and positive experience for The Green Hornet helmer. “It’s really the other side of the spectrum of film, the opposite side of The Green Hornet. It’s something that means a lot to me.”

And Gondry believes documentary has an important role to play in cinema. “You don’t get to see so much real people onscreen, it’s usually about fantasy to try to capture audience attention. To spend an hour and half with this character who is really, deeply human is really refreshing.”

The Thorn In My Heart opens on 10th December.

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