Michael Nyqvist joins Disconnect

Casting for Henry Alex Rubin’s internet-centric drama Disconnect has begun to gather pace, with no less than four actors confirmed to have joined the project.

The film will explore the influence of the world wide web on an ensemble of characters, many of whom will find that technology isn’t always a good thing.

True Blood ’s Alexander Skarsgård will play a former marine searching for an online affair when his marriage hits the rocks, while The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star Michael Nyqvist plays a man Skarsgard suspects of stealing his identity.

Warrior ’s Frank Nillo has also joined the cast as a single father attempting to protect his son (Colin Ford) from the dangers of the net. His son has other ideas however, masquerading as a young girl to talk to another troubled teen online.

Andrea Riseborough is expected to be the next big name to sign on. If she does so, she’ll be playing a TV reporter following the story of a young man who gets his kit off for the benefit of his webcam-toting admirers.

The film will be Rubin’s first feature film, having previously directed the documentary Murderball about a group of quadriplegic rugby players.

The premise of this one sounds a touch heavy-handed (the internet as a pandora’s box of all evil) but the cast looks strong. Hopefully we’ll have another Social Network rather than a second helping of The Net .

George Wales

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