Mark Pellington finds that Day Or Night You Are The One

Mark Pellington is a man who enjoys playing with our perceptions. He directed a twisty terrorist thriller before either the subject matter or the double-bluffing plotlines became hot again in Arlington Road, and his last film, The Mothman Prophecies, buzzed the lines between fantasy and reality.

He’s at it again with Day Or Night You Are The One, which sees a man struggling to figure out what’s real and what’s part of his vivid dreams. The problem gets worse when he witnesses a murder and must find reality before he’s killed to keep him quiet.

Pellington’s partner in crime on Arlington Road – writer Ehren Kruger – is back for Day Or Night, though he’s leaving the actual writing to Jon Bokenkamp, and sticking to producing. What’s the matter Kruger? Too important to actually pen the script now? Writers, eh? You give them a little taste of power and they’re off forming production companies…