Marcus Nispel is directing Conan

The team behind the new version of Conan have found their man: horror remake specialist Marcus Nispel.

Nu Image/Millenium Films has hired the man who brought us reboots of Friday The 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Masacre to try to make the Conan rre-tooling work after nine years in the development wilderness.

With a script in hand by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, Nispel will apparently start shooting in South Africa and Bulgaria later in the year.

Assuming, of course, they lock down an actor to play the lead.

According to the director, it's his childhood dream to bring the Arnie-associated character to the screen and will be blending Frank Frazetta's iconic Conan imagery with the sort of visceral violence seen in Apocalypto.

We just can't help worrying that while he's had some success in his horror work, the last time he tackled period action, Nispel made Pathfinder. Which was, in a word, awful.

We hope to Crom that Conan will be better.

[source: Variety ]

Is Nispel the right choice? Who do you want at Conan's helm?

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