Luke Evans will head up Universals Dracula

Luke Evans will play the title role in Universal’s forthcoming Dracula , an origin story of the famous bloodsucker, previously known as Dracula Year Zero .

The new film will pick up right at the start of the Dracula legend, with Evans beginning the film as a mortal prince whose family is being threatened by a bloodthirsty sultan.

In order to protect them, young Dracula consents to surrender his soul, becoming the world’s first vampire in the process. It sounds an interesting take on the character, and one that should allow Evans to do more than loom menacingly in the shadows.

Universal have been keen on reviving Dracula for some time now, although the plug had previously been pulled on account of budgetary restrictions. Now however, it seems to be full steam ahead.

Directed by first-time helmer Gary Shore with a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, filming is set to begin on the project later this year.

George Wales

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