Kung Fu movie in the works

Did it come from an idea by Bruce Lee? Was the world's favourite high-kicker ever really in the running to play the lead? Two questions that always hung over the east-meets-west TV drama, Kung Fu.

Not that it mattered much to audiences. The show was a stonking great hit - and the tale of a Shaolin monk who departs China and ends up walking the high plains of the American west is now making the journey into cinemas.

Series creator Ed Spielman and original writer Howard Friedlander have scribbled on the dotted line to pen a feature-length script based on the show – the cheques will be signed by Legendary Pictures, who are under the Warner Bros umbrella.

David Carradine brilliantly occupied the role of Kwai Chang Caine but there are no reports as yet as to who will be stepping into his robes.