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Keanu Reeves may be Dr Jekyll

Looks like Keanu Reeves might be supping from a beaker of frothing liquid in a future film – he’s attached to a retelling of The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde for Universal.

The studio has hired Revolutionary Road scriptwriter Justin Haythe to crank out a new take on the story.

The Jekyll And Hyde story is up there with Robin Hood and Dracula in terms of popular tales that have been endlessly re-imagined in various types of media. Hell, the names are now shorthand for a split personality.

While the plot details for this new take aren’t being released, we’re betting it’ll involved a scientist creating a formula that lets him release the animal within.

We’re pretty sure Keanu can handle the buttoned down Jekyll role, though we’re less certain about the wilder Hyde material.

And Universal loves the story so much, it’s already got one version in the works with – no shock there – Guillermo del Toro shepherding it, and planning to direct it. Or at least ponder directing it once he’s finished bringing us The Hobbit.

Oh, and the other 70 gazillion projects he has bubbling away in his lab. Maybe they could combine the two? Dunno if Keanu would want to wait that long, though…

[Source: THR ]

Do you want another Jekyll And Hyde? Or are you sick of the old story?