Jonah Nolan writing Steven Spielberg's Interstellar

Looks like Chris Nolan will have to find someone else to pen the short stories that inspire his films (Memento) or co-write scripts with him (The Prestige, The Dark Knight). Because Jonah – AKA Jonathan Nolan – has just been hired by Paramount to scribble the screenplay for one of Steven Spielberg’s possible new projects.

It’s not yet known when The Beard will actually direct the movie, given that he already has the new Indiana Jones adventure, his Lincoln biopic and about fifty other likely movies on his plate. And Nolan is already writing based-on-truth drama The Chicago Fire for Warners.

Interstellar takes its theme from a scientific theory by physicist Kip S Thorne, and will find a group of explorers travelling through a wormhole into another dimension. So just another small ensemble movie, then.