John McTiernan linked to Conan

While John McTiernan’s most pressing engagement seems to be spending time in prison following his conviction for lying to the FBI over the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case, his legal worries haven’t stopped him being linked to films.

Ain’t It Cool (opens in new tab) picked up word from a French magazine that the man who made Predator might just be the next person to fill the director’s loincloth (and now you’re trying to scrape the image of McTiernan in a loincloth from your poor, soiled brains) for the latest attempt to reboot Conan.

The muscled warrior (one of the roles that gave Arnold Schwarzenegger his career jumpstart) has been threatening to return for ages, but the new film has always stalled before the cameras can run.

With big Arnie busy running California, chances are he wouldn’t make it back, but the latest person being mooted for the role (and nothing more than that) is Gerard Butler, who, post-300, has found himself attached to just about every action movie being made in the next year or so.

Source: ( Aint It Cool (opens in new tab) )

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