Jamie Foxx to star in Mike Tyson biopic

Jamie Foxx is set to play troubled boxer, Mike Tyson, in a brand new biopic to be penned by the man who brought The Wolf Of Wall Street from page to screen.

Terrence Winter, whose notable credits also include The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire , will write the screenplay for the new film, with Variety reporting that Foxx has already signed on to star.

The report has no word on which elements of Tyson’s life the film will focus upon, but given the boxer’s “colourful” career, there should be plenty of incident to choose from.

The project is currently without a studio, although Foxx’s manager, Rick Yorn, is acting as producer, and charged with bringing the core elements together to present to distributors.

Given the calibre of Winter and Foxx, paired with the likely interest in Tyson’s story, we’d imagine there won’t be any shortage of prospective suitors…

George Wales

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