Jackie Chan kicks off work on Kung-Fu kid

He’s seemingly been attached for ages, but Jackie Chan has finally been confirmed as starring in Kung-Fu Kid.

He’ll play a wise kung-fu master who tutors young Jaden Smith (last seen in The Day The Earth Stood Still, below) in the ways of China’s most famous martial arts.

What started as a basic remake of The Karate Kid – with Jaden Smith in the Ralph Macchio role and Chan taking over from Pat Morita’s Mr Miyagi – has now mutated into a China-set kung-fu version.

Harald Zwart, who brought the world One Night At McCool’s and, er, The Pink Panther 2, attended a traditional Chinese ceremony with his cast to mark the start of the planned three-month shoot.

Jaden's father (and producer of the movie) Will Smith, Chan, Zwart and others symbolically removed a piece of red cloth covering a movie camera. Smith then gave Jackie a hug. Aww.

Jaden Smith, that is. Will just stood there wondering how much this event was adding to his budget.

[Source: Variety ]

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