J.J. Abrams ready for Seven Minutes In Heaven


J.J. Abrams is planning on converting old ‘50s pass-time Seven Minutes In Heaven into a movie.

For those who didn’t grow up in Cincinnati during that gilded era, Seven Minutes In Heaven was the name of a game played by bored, frisky teenagers, and involved two people being shoved into a closet to make out for, yes, seven minutes.

So what the heck is Abrams thinking? Does he want in on all the Twilight kissing-leg-hitch mania? Well, he’s thinking along the exact same kooky lines as he always does – take a familiar idea and spin it on its head.

The concept for this new movie, as dreamed up by Lost director Jack Bender, would find two teens being bundled into a closet for seven minutes of passion – but when they emerge again, all of their friends are dead.

Aha! So Abrams hasn't lost his marles (well, not all of them). Fun idea. Simple premise. But with the potential for brilliance. The project is currently seeking out a writer who can flesh it out into a full screenplay, but tag this one a future must-see.

Abrams is currently also working on secret project Super 8 , which could involve Area 51 and aliens. He’s also producing the upcoming Mission: Impossible IV .

Like the idea? Think you’re the screenwriter for the job? Drop us your pitch below…

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