Ian McKellen is Sherlock in first trailer for Mr. Holmes: watch now

The first trailer has appeared online for Mr. Holmes, in which Ian McKellen stars as a retired Sherlock ruminating over a cold case from 50 years ago.

Unfortunately for Holmes his memory is beginning to fail him, as he discovers that critical details from the case manage to elude his once-sharp mind.

Fortunately assistance is at hand in the form of his housekeeper’s young son, who fancies himself something of an amateur sleuth and is only too happy to help with the investigation.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

McKellen looks to make for an excellent Holmes here, bringing a little more warmth to the role than has previously been seen while maintaining the intellectual rigor that is the character’s trademark.

Directed by Bill Condon and co-starring Laura Linney, Milo Parker and Roger Allam, Mr. Holmes will open in the UK on 19 June 2015, with a US date to be confirmed.

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George Wales

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