Hellraiser remake gets another director

Dimension films has hired Martyrs director Pascal Laugier to write and direct its Hellraiser remake.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , he’ll be tackling the same tale as in 1987’s original based on Clive Barker’s tale, which finds a cheating wife trying to rescue her dead lover from hell.

The film’s iconic demon creations, the Cenobites, went on to spawn three film sequels and several direct-to-video follow-ups.

Revolving door of filmmakers

French helmer Laugier becomes the latest in a line of filmmakers who have been approached to do the job, including Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo and Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.

"This is a dream project for me," Laugier says. "I know Clive Barker's work very well, and I would never betray what he has done. Fans are expecting a definitive Hellraiser, and I don't want to take that away from them."

Let’s hope the dream doesn’t become a nightmare.