Guy Pearce is Afraid Of The Dark

Guy Pearce is close to jumping aboard Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, in which he’ll star alongside Katie Holmes.

He’s locking down the final elements of a deal to join the movie, which Troy Nixey, one of Guillermo del Toro’s proteges, is directing.

It’s all based on a 1973 TV movie that follows a young girl who moves in with her father and his girlfriend (Holmes, below), only to discover that the house already has tenants – DEMONIC TENANTS.

Who probably use all the hot water and don’t chip in for rent. Or, you know, try to kill people.

Young actress Bailie Madison has already signed on to play the girl, who apparently becomes fascinated with the creatures – at least until they become dangerous. Naturally, her dad doesn’t believe her, but that soon changes.

Holmes, meanwhile, has been preparing for sheer terror by being married to Tom Cruise. Just kidding!

[Source: THR ]

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