Frank Grillo returns for The Purge 3

After taking control of the franchise in the second Purge movie, Frank Grillo is officially back for another night of mayhem as Variety reports that he's in final negotiations for The Purge 3. The third installment in the thriller franchise has writer-director James DeMonaco also back at the helm to orchestrate another chaotic night of wanton abandon.

Set in a future dystopia where crime levels have escalated, the premise of the series revolves around an amendment to the US constitution wherein all crime is legal for 12 hours on one specific day of the year. Grillo reprises the role of Sergeant, who set out in The Purge: Anarchy to mow down the drunk driver who killed his boy. His good samaritan nature found him helping a bunch of helpless stragglers in downtown Los Angeles.

DeMonaco's story ideas are currently under wraps, although there's talk that the film could take a step back in time and investigate the first ever Purge. Michael K. Williams has been hotly-tipped by Grillo himself to be back as Carmelo Johns. The Purge 3 opens in the US on July 1, 2016.

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Gem Seddon

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