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Fox wants to go Incognito

Kick-Ass was a huge hit, Iron man 2 has had more hype than the forthcoming general election, and every day there's a news story detailing the next comic book/graphic novel to be released ( The Boys , The Avengers , Captain America ... to name but a few).

So cue the next one on the list picked up for production: Incognito

Created by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the Icon Comic focuses around villain Zack Overkill, who has been put in the witness protection programme after testifying against The Black Death (who just so happens to be his boss).

After being forced to take a drug to dull his powers, he begins to experiment with his own narcotics and soon finds a way out. An anti-hero living among real people? It's not your conventional comic book story.

Set to have a mixture of pulp and noir styles, 20th Century Fox has hired Robert Schenkkan to write the script - and if you don't know who he is, he's only a Pulitzer prize winning playwright - still, bit of an odd choice though?

Another Fox blockbuster? Or will this one remain Incognito ? Let us know!